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Charter College Veterans Day Event

On August 21, 2014 Charter College held a Veterans Day Event at Robinson Ranch Golf Course, Santa Clarity, CA.

The purpose of the event was to bring together Companies with Veteran hiring initiatives, Veteran Services companies and of course our Veterans. Over 50 companies and non-profit service organizations attended this very successful event.

IMG950445_smSilhouettes for VETS was honored to be asked to give a presentation to Veterans who are searching for gainful employment. Along with Kelly Logan, Business Development Manager for Volunteers of America , we presented an overview of all steps required in preparing for the workforce. There were 100’s of Veterans present at the event who are looking for their first position or a new job.

Mina Creswell of Charter College and Mark Brenner

Although there was no golf that day the day was an unparalleled success. The feedback I received from the Veterans was complimentary and shows the necessity of all of us working to make sure that our Veterans not only transition from Military to Civilian life but that they have the guidance of companies to ensure that they find gainful employment (Companies like Silhouettes for VETS).

charter_certThere many events that take place almost weekly throughout the Greater Los Angeles area that support Veterans as they search for a position. Silhouettes for VETS has been a part of many of these Career events knowing that we are make a difference – having Veterans find a career…one Veterans at a time.


8th Annual MVAT Golf and Tennis Classic presented by Liberty Mutual

8th Annual MVAT Golf and Tennis Classic presented by Liberty Mutual at Mountain Gate Country Club on August 18, 2014 – in support of Wounded Warriors

What a day!

photo1Of course if was a great day for golf (isn’t that every day), but playing in this Tournament was a little more than icing on a cake.

The MVAT Foundation, headed by Don Schwarz (Chairman) and James Colbert (Executive Director) out did themselves by putting on an event that has no equals. My thanks to both Don and James for a day that forever will be remembered.

The MVAT (Military and Veterans Appreciation Trust) Foundation exists to help and honor those who have protected and currently protect the freedoms we all enjoy. MVAT was founded in 2007 by several members of the Mountain Gate Country Club, Los Angeles, California, who strongly believe that our service members and veterans need greater support than they receive from current underfunded programs.

There are 73 living Congressional of Medal Honor recipients. The MVAT Foundation was able to have 6 of these hero’s present at the event.

IMG_0431shIt was an honor and pleasure to meet:

General Patrick Brady
Colonel Jack Jacobs
Captain Robert Modrzejewski
Lieutenant Thomas G. Kelly
Command Sergeant Major Gary Littrell
(pictured with Mark Brenner)
Specialist Salvatore A. Guinta

It was also an honor to meet a few of our Wounded Warriors, several retired General Officers and law enforcement leaders who participated in the event. I can think of no better way in which to support all those who have valiantly served our country. This Monday event was kicked off by comments from Don Schwarz and a most special guest, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina). Thank you Senator Graham for your participation and your support. I can honestly say the golf was great (albeit we did not win) but the entire day was a testimonial to all those who have served to protect our country.


San Fernando Valley Veteran’s Family Resource Expo

The San Fernando Valley Veteran’s Family Resource Expo was held yesterday at the National Guard Armory in Van Nuys. The event was a tremendous success.

Over 60 companies, Veteran Service Organizations (including Silhouettes for VETS), and every imaginable Veteran support services attended. Each of the organizations represented was there to support and honor our Veterans and did so in a manner deserving of recognizing those who have served.

Kenn Phillips, SFV Economic Counsel and Mark Brenner

Over the course of the past few months the San Fernando Veterans Committee planed this event in order that each of our Veterans had access to the services they needed. The feedback from the Veterans in attendance was all very positive and we must recognize those who lead all the coordinating of this event.

A special thanks to Alex Letterson, EDD and Amity Anderson, President of the SFV Veterans Committee who along with the all the Board Members had everything in place to serve the over 300 Veterans and their families who attended.

Amity Anderson, Wells Fargo and Mark Brenner

I would further like to recognize the partnerships of The Salvation Army Haven and Linda Broughton, Volunteers of America and Kelly Logan that have assisted Silhouettes for VETS growth over the past 6 months. Linda and Kelly should also be commended for the work in organizing this event.

There are many other who participated in making the San Fernando Valley Veteran’s Family Expo an event that is a one of a kind success – so to all that worked to make this success – thank you.

Alex Letterson EDD and Mark Brenner
Alex Letterson EDD and Mark Brenner

Silhouettes for VETS is proud to be a part of this most successful event. Over 20 Veteran’s signed up to the Coaching Services of Silhouettes for VETS. And in attendance were seven Veterans who are currently being coach by the team at Silhouettes for VETS.

Linda Broughton, Salvation Army Haven, Kelly Logan VoA and Mark Brenner
Linda Broughton, Salvation Army Haven, Kelly Logan VoA and Mark Brenner

Silhouettes for VETS is looking forward to Coaching each of these Veterans in order that we can decrease the Veteran unemployment – one Veteran at a time.


Hiring our Hero’s Job Fair 2014

On April 17, 2014 Silhouettes for VETS participated in the Hiring our Hero’s job fair in Los Angeles.  The response was overwhelming and my compliments and support to all the companies that participated as we work to get our Veterans back to work.

Silhouettes for VETS signed up over 30 Veterans who are interested in the Coaching expertise of the staff at the company.  We have already started to work with five of these Veterans who are activity seeking employment. 

In four short months Silhouettes for VETS has become a viable resource for Coaching all Veterans interested in finding their first or next position.  Our program is customized to meet the needs of each Veteran.  We will continue to expand our program over the coming months by branching our to communities outside Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange Counties.



From left to right: Carols Martinez, US Navy (Ret), Kelly Logan, Volunteers of America and Mark Brenner, President and CEO of Silhouettes for VETS

The next major event is the USC Veterans Collaborative Hiring Fair.  The folks at USC are making their preparations for the event by assigning Navigators to work with the Veteran’s who will be attending in order that they are prepared to interview on the spot.  I have been given the honor to work as one of the Navigators and am currently working with three Veterans who will be attending the event.

Putting our Veteran’s to work is priority one!  Preparing each Veteran for the workforce is the first step in working toward this priority!  Silhouettes for VETS invites all Veterans to contact us so we can take the first step in putting Veterans to work – one Veteran at a time.


People I Have Met…

As I was planning Silhouettes for VETS, I underwent over 300 hours of research in order to understand the need for the services offered by my company.  Along the way I have talked with and met others who have the same passion for helping our Veterans as I do.

So, I would like to take a few lines of this blog to recognize those who have supported me through this process:

Colonel David Sutherland – The Dixon Center

Lt Cmdr Kimberly Mitchell – The Dixon Center

Linda Broughton and Lisa Anderson – The Salvation Army – Haven

Maurice Wilson, MCPO USN (Ret) – NVTSI

Joseph Chicas, Veterans Affairs Coordinator, Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti

Amy Levin, MSW Ph.D, Department Chair/Professor, Department of Social Work, CSUN

Mark Stevens, Ph.D, Director and Psychologist, University Counseling Services, CSUN

All the folks at EDD

Kelly Logan, Veterans Advocate

Captain Olivia Chavez ABCO Technologies

And dozens of other Veteran Services Advocates and Organizations with whom I have consulted


Thank  you all for your support – we are all making a difference by working with our Veterans


Woman’s Veteran’s Symposium and Woman’s Veterans Breakfast

On Friday March, 21, 2014 I participated in the Woman’s Veteran Symposium in Carson CA.  The event was organized by Janel Watt who is an Army Veteran, an important part of the California EDD and Commissioner of Veteran’s Affairs for the City of Carson.

It is safe to say that there was an impressive turnout as there were over 150 in attendance including over 15 Veteran Service organizations including Silhouettes for VETS.  

The program was highlighted by the keynote speaker, Congresswoman Janice Hahn.  I was honored to spend a few minutes with the Congresswoman discussing how Silhouettes for VETS is a much needed service for our Veterans.

Mark Brenner, President and CEO Silhouettes for VETS pictured with Congresswoman Janice Hahn

My congratulations to Janel Watt for organizing this event.  The speakers were inspiring and the award ceremony was touching.

Mark Brenner, President and CEO Silhouettes for VETS pictured with Colonel Peggy Stratford
Mark Brenner, President and CEO Silhouettes for VETS pictured with Colonel Peggy Stratford

On March 14, 2014 I was invited to a Woman’s Veteran Breakfast at Patriotic Hall put on by the County of Los Angeles.  The support and enthusiasm that resonated through the room was exciting and inspiring.  Thank for to Colonel Peggy Stratford for your uplifting keynote address.

I am looking forward to continuing my service to events like this one.


Silhouettes for VETS

As a Vietnam Veteran, I feel that I should give back to those Veterans who have so unselfishly served our Country.  After over 40 years in the Staffing Industry I am now following my passion by working with our Veterans by sharing the secrets of “Getting a Job”…

Silhouettes for VETS is a non-profit company dedicated to working with Veteran’s as they search for employment.  My unique Coaching techniques have been developed over the past 4 decades manifesting the most positive of results.

Unemployment still remains high in all sectors and unemployment for Veterans is even higher.  Working with Veterans who are actively seeking a new position Silhouettes for VETS can begin to “chip away” at the staggering unemployment rate for Veterans.

Silhouettes for VETS is not a placement agency but a Veteran’s only service dedicated to coaching, preparing and assisting Veterans to understanding the entire hiring cycle.  Empowering Veterans though transition, the job search and finally their first day at work.

Let’s work together to put our Veterans to work…