People I Have Met…

As I was planning Silhouettes for VETS, I underwent over 300 hours of research in order to understand the need for the services offered by my company.  Along the way I have talked with and met others who have the same passion for helping our Veterans as I do.

So, I would like to take a few lines of this blog to recognize those who have supported me through this process:

Colonel David Sutherland – The Dixon Center

Lt Cmdr Kimberly Mitchell – The Dixon Center

Linda Broughton and Lisa Anderson – The Salvation Army – Haven

Maurice Wilson, MCPO USN (Ret) – NVTSI

Joseph Chicas, Veterans Affairs Coordinator, Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti

Amy Levin, MSW Ph.D, Department Chair/Professor, Department of Social Work, CSUN

Mark Stevens, Ph.D, Director and Psychologist, University Counseling Services, CSUN

All the folks at EDD

Kelly Logan, Veterans Advocate

Captain Olivia Chavez ABCO Technologies

And dozens of other Veteran Services Advocates and Organizations with whom I have consulted


Thank  you all for your support – we are all making a difference by working with our Veterans