On a whole, the schism between military culture and customs and the civilian job mark could not be any greater. For some veterans no amount of traditional interview training will bridge this divide and we find these Veterans failing interview after interview. To address these issues, Veterans Career Xchange has developed a revolutionary experimental interview course that utilizes the latest skills taught to actors and comedians and adapted it for the Veteran Career Xchange Improv Course. Veterans are taught breath control, body language, methods to relaxation, and how to achieve the most out of any interview. The results are dramatic and the Veteran Improv Course is a first of its kind course used to target the most at risk Veteran Job Seekers.

We are all familiar with some more gripping symptoms of PTSD, depression, anxiety, nightmares, all of which unfortunately can contribute to a depreciated life and even suicide. And to a lesser extent, some veterans also have great difficulty relating to individuals who do not have the similar shared experiences. This can be especially problematic during a job interview where some veterans can come off as “too intense” or “stiff” and in the highly competitive job market even the slightest weakness can be the difference between landing a job and not.

The concept is simple: we have created a fun interactive environment with leading comedy and drama coaches where veterans can experience the art of Improv.  After just a few sessions veterans have a considerably easier time “letting their hair down” and consequently perform exceedingly better on job interviews. Improv alleviates the need for shared t experience because it teaches the veteran to accept the job interview as a hypothetical scenario where only a personal connection will uncover the interviewer’s nuances and experience. For those veterans who have failed on more than 5 interviews we have seen dramatic results with a typical veteran securing a job within the next 3 job interviews.