Taken from the recruiting best practices, Veterans Career Xchange is predicated off of a two tiered approach towards getting veterans a job.  The first is the hard “book” knowledge required by any job seeker to understand both the market and the skills necessary for the job seeking process, from resume to offer letter and everything in between.  The second prong are the industry and recruiting experts which will refine and sculpt the hard knowledge to the industry, company, and both individual interviewer and interviewee.  So in order to expedite the coaching process Veterans Career Xchange is creating an interactive fun and free course that teaches job seeking basics. Borrowing from the teaching method at West Point, the Thayer Method where students are required to learn on their own time and refine their knowledge when in front of the professors, the online job seeking course is essential for alleviate the limiting factor of VCX the time available by its career coaches.

The online and mobile app teaches, tests, and even retests veterans giving them the basic comprehensive knowledge needed to find any job in any field. This both increases veteran success rate but also cuts the time required by the career coach by 85% and increasing the volume of veterans served by 600%. And the difference akin to teaching grad school versus undergrad, after the course is completed the veterans are simply better prepared to succeed.