The creation of Veterans Career Xchange (first there was the Base Exchange (BX) and the Post Exchange (PX) and now the Career Xchange (CX)) as a non-profit organization to educate, coach and prepare Veterans was a perfect transition of his experience in order to give Veterans the tools necessary to become a productive part of the civilian workforce. Xchanging a Military Uniform for a Civilian Career!

With over 40,000 nonprofits organizations throughout the United States that serve Veterans there is a high demand for a coaching service that works with Veterans in a one-on-one environment.  Realizing that the population in general does not know how to find a career this program was created specifically for Veterans in order that they gain an understanding of how to navigate through the hiring cycle. Veterans Career Xchange is now recognized as one of the premier Coaching services for Veterans throughout the United States.  Our program is customized in a one-on-one environment to the needs of each Veteran.  Whether a Veteran is transitioning from the Military or having been part of the civilian workforce Veterans Career Xchange educates, coaches and prepares them to… FIND A CAREER! Our vision is to heighten our visibility throughout the United States including military installations so veterans and their families can begin their job search prior to leaving the military as an Employed Civilian rather than Unemployed Veteran.  We are committed increasing Veteran employment…”One Veteran at a Time!