Veterans Career Xchange educates, coaches and prepares Veterans (and their families) for the workforce to…”FIND A CAREER ”. Our goal is to increase Veteran employment…”ONE VETERAN AT A TIME

Veterans Career Xchange has Partnered or has Collaborations with many non-profit Veteran Service Organizations, Education Institutions and Federal, State and Local government agencies.  We have created these Partnerships to better service the entire Veteran Community in order that we can service each Veteran in all areas of transition.

We are proud to Partner or Collaborate with the following Organizations:

The Soldiers Project: Veterans are referred by Veteran’s Career Xchange to the Soldier Project if they are in need of counseling for PTSD, Substance Abuse or other psychological issues.

Eric Garcetti: Mayors 10,000 Strong Initiative is to put 10,000 Veterans to work in Los Angeles by December 2016 – VCXchange is part of the Executive Committee

Makeover that Matter: is a Partner with VCXchange who performs make up, hair, etc to female Veterans as they transition to the civilian workforce. VCXhange facilitates workshops for Veterans in MTM’s programs.

REBOOT: is a Partner with VCXchange who conducts 3 week workshops for transitioning Veterans to assist them with the emotional and psychological change from military to civilian life. VCXchange conducts the employment part of the workshops.

USC School of Social Work (CIR – Center for Innovative Research). VCXchange is an important part of the Career Development Committee

CSUN: VCXchange is a committee member of the Veterans Resource Center to assist Veterans after they graduate to find a career

Marines for Life: VCXchange is a partner with Marines for Life by working with those Veterans who are transitioning or who have transitioned as they search for a new career.

American Jobs Centers: VCXchange is involved with AJC and their Veteran Academy in identifying Veterans who are seeking careers

MVAT Foundation: VCXchange is a partner with MVAT and works on their behalf to promote the Foundation. The Foundation will refer Veterans to VCXchange.

Community Career Development: VCXchange has partner with CCD to work with their Veteran community to coach then to their next career.

United Way – VCXchange is a partner with United Way and conducts workshops and attends other events on behalf of the United Way

United States Veteran’s Artist Alliance: VCXchange is a partner with USVAA for referrals for all Veterans who work in entertainment and the arts.

Battle Buddy Network: VCXchange is a partner with BB and Veterans are referred to VCXchange for coaching and preparation for a career position

Veteran Advocacy Network: is a partner with VCXchange to refer Veterans for coaching and preparation for a new career.


Military and Veterans AffairsCounty of Los Angeles – VCXchange is a Partner and Veterans are referred to VCXchange for coaching and preparation for new careers. VCXhange presents to Veterans on behalf of the County.