Hiring our Hero’s Job Fair 2014

On April 17, 2014 Silhouettes for VETS participated in the Hiring our Hero’s job fair in Los Angeles.  The response was overwhelming and my compliments and support to all the companies that participated as we work to get our Veterans back to work.

Silhouettes for VETS signed up over 30 Veterans who are interested in the Coaching expertise of the staff at the company.  We have already started to work with five of these Veterans who are activity seeking employment. 

In four short months Silhouettes for VETS has become a viable resource for Coaching all Veterans interested in finding their first or next position.  Our program is customized to meet the needs of each Veteran.  We will continue to expand our program over the coming months by branching our to communities outside Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange Counties.



From left to right: Carols Martinez, US Navy (Ret), Kelly Logan, Volunteers of America and Mark Brenner, President and CEO of Silhouettes for VETS

The next major event is the USC Veterans Collaborative Hiring Fair.  The folks at USC are making their preparations for the event by assigning Navigators to work with the Veteran’s who will be attending in order that they are prepared to interview on the spot.  I have been given the honor to work as one of the Navigators and am currently working with three Veterans who will be attending the event.

Putting our Veteran’s to work is priority one!  Preparing each Veteran for the workforce is the first step in working toward this priority!  Silhouettes for VETS invites all Veterans to contact us so we can take the first step in putting Veterans to work – one Veteran at a time.