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Thank you for your service

It has been over 4 decades since I returned from Vietnam. Over 40 Veteran Day’s have past and now I find myself honored by each and every Veteran who has served our Country.

The work of Silhouettes for VETS over the past year has been the most rewarding experience of my life. Though our unique Coaching Program we have helped over 75 Veterans find gainful employment.

As we continue our efforts in educating and coaching veterans and their families in gaining an understanding of how to…”GET A JOB” Silhouettes for VETS will have a dramatic impact in decreasing veteran unemployment throughout the United States.

Silhouettes for VETS is honored to have created partnership with all the organizations that support our Veterans. My thank you to the LA Mayors Office, The Salvation Army, EDD, US Vets and Volunteers of America as your support and efforts has made a difference.


Edward James Olmos (pictured) with Silhouettes For Vets Mark Brenner

I would also like to thank the companies who have created Veterans hiring initiatives as your organizations hold the keys to offering veterans a career.
For those who individuals support our veterans like Edward James Olmos (pictured), Gary Sinise, James Caan and many others thank you for your continued support.

So to all Veterans from every era – THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!