A Year in Review…

Over a year ago I began cultivating and developing the concept of a unique organization that would present a program that worked with Veterans to empower them to find gainful employment.  After over 500 hours of research the concept, the business plan and the implementation of the Silhouettes for VETS program began in January of 2014.  What I believed would be a 20-hour a week effort has turned into a full time endeavor that has become the most rewarding work I have ever undertaken.

As I began a call to action for Silhouettes for VETS I had no idea that this concept would be so positively received.  I remember going to my first event at CSUN with homemade business cards, no brochures and only an idea for a website.  Even without any collateral material my initial conversations with veterans made me realize that the need for a one-on-one customized educational and coaching service that empowers Veterans to find employment was in high demand.

There are over 40,000 nonprofit organizations throughout the United States that work with veterans – many of them work to put veterans to work.  There are organizations that prepare resumes, assist with interview techniques, work with veterans in transition and those that offer workshops assisting veterans as they enter the civilian workforce.  Yet I have found that no one organization has developed a one-on-one customize approach to working with veterans through the entire hiring cycle – from transition from the military to the first day of work and beyond. 

Silhouettes for VETS in a unique and customized program that works with veterans to educate, empower and prepare veterans individually for the workforce.

Nonprofit organizations that assist veterans in any manner can only succeed with a passion and a commitment that is unwavering.  The passion and commitment of Silhouettes for VETS has resulted in over 75 Veterans finding gainful employment in the past 10 months.  Our goal will always remain – Increasing Veteran employment…one Veteran at a time!

For the first 10 months, I coached veterans and marketed the services of Silhouettes for VETS.  During this time I collaborated with many of the other nonprofits that work with veterans.  My special thank you to The Salvation Army, Volunteers of America, The Office of the Mayor (Los Angeles) and many of the Work Source Centers (especially Canoga Park) for without your support my coaching successes could not have happened. 

But a special thanks goes to Kelly Logan who is now the Executive Director and Vice President of Silhouettes for VETS.  Her tireless efforts to support veterans through the Los Angeles area is unmatched and without equal.  Her dedication to our veterans along with her creative ideas on how to better assist the veteran community is one of the major reasons for the success of Silhouettes for VETS. 

We are about to enter our second year of working with veterans in a one-on-one customized environment.  I am confident that the seeds we have planted in the past twelve months will enable Silhouettes for VETS to grow into a national organization that will educate, prepare and assist veterans as they seek gainful employment.  It is our goal, with your generous donations ( and the award of grants to have Silhouettes for VETS locations in at least 10 cities in the next 18 months.

My heartfelt Thank You to all the Veterans with whom we have worked over the past year, the organizations and educational institutions who have supported our efforts, our passion and the Veterans with whom will be work with over the coming years.

A Happy, Safe and Healthy New Year to Everyone.